Venn diagram helps to explain what engagement is.

We came across this fascinating post on technorati yesterday  For those of you who struggle to explain what engagement is and what skills you need to get it right it could be a great help.

Even more interesting is how well  this venn diagram explains the high level of interest in all things engagement (public engagement, community engagement, customer engagement, stakeholder engagement, participation marketing and so on and so on).  Effectively social media has, as it says in the article, turned and twisted the communications business.

Lots of things are collapsing into the centre of the venn diagram because this is where the action is and where successful organisations want to be.  But to operate well in this space takes someone special.  Someone who knows how to be (or how to work well with)  a marketer,  a PR, and an advertising professional (and we should add market researcher to this).  Someone who can pull it all together into coherent engagement.

We have met many of these people in the world of consultation So  if you work in consultation and you struggle to tell people what you do, next time,  be thankful and just get out your venn diagram!

But the venn diagram in the technorati post is not perfect. Its not all about social media engagement, although this makes it happen more easily, in this mix you also have face to face engagement.  Many people do not use social media, so holistic and inclusive engagement needs good face to face engagement as well. What we would call synchronised online and offline communications.

Will you be getting out your venn diagram?


2 thoughts on “Venn diagram helps to explain what engagement is.

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  2. What a great tool -it ‘s beauty is its simplicity, it clarity and it connectedness!

    Stroke of genius for design, gratitude to the distibutor!

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