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Maude: There is no Big Society roadmap
Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude said yesterday that the Big Society would be ‘chaotic’, as he admitted the coalition has not worked up a formal plan
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Big society‘ meetings cancelled over cuts anger
The Guardian
Plans to kickstart David Cameron’s “big society” through a series of Barack Obama-style town hall meetings have been abandoned after the first event ended
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The Guardian
Poll shows majority have not heard of the Big Society
Fifty-five per cent of people have not heard of the Prime Minister’s flagship Big Society vision, according to a survey co-commissioned by a body
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North Somerset MP Liam Fox say ‘big society‘ is local people who support our
Nailsea People
“If we are looking for role models in our Big Society we need look no further than our Armed Forces and their families. “As everyone knows it is not an easy
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Nailsea People
‘My quango is really part of the Big Society Agenda, you know…’ (blog)
the hand of any passing MP, before pouring out a prepared spiel which invariably begins: “Our work fits in very neatly with David Cameron’s Big Society
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Big Society means little to the public, says survey
More than half of British adults have not heard of the Big Society, according to new research. The Ipsos Mori poll revealed 55% had not heard of the
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Big Society Network cancels tour after spending cuts mar debate
Civil Society Media
The Big Society Network has cancelled a series of town hall meetings after the first event was marred by anger over spending cuts.
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A Delightful Way To Build The Big Society
PRLog.Org (press release)
And this is the great promise of our new political fathers; The Big Society, a cynical political rebranding to ’empower’ people to change their lives and
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Some UK charities ‘still sceptical’ about Big Society plans
Taylor Vinters
The government’s ‘Big Society‘ plans are still causing scepticism among some UK charities, new figures from the CAF have suggested.
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‘That’s ASDA nice’ for Big Society Network
I-volunteer (blog)
The Conservative Party’s volunteering and community engagement initiative, the Big Society Network, has recently announced that it has secured sponsorship
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I-volunteer (blog)
Blogs 5 new results for big society
Socialreporter | Big day for Big Society Network
By David Wilcox
The Guardian racked it up a bit with ‘Big Society‘ meetings cancelled over cuts anger – “Embarrassment for Cameron as meeting series meant to kickstart ‘big society‘ abandoned due to public frustration at spending cuts”.
Socialreporter –
A quick definition of the Big Society
By Ben Duckworth
There have been, by my rough count, about 450 Big Society events held at this year’s Conservative conference. And still Martin Bright can’t find it. Actually, he’s not alone there. The Big Society party was held on the first night in a
Party Lines Blog –
Inside the M60 | Stockport protests halt the Big Society in its tracks
By insidethem60
However the plans were changed after the initial gathering last month was interrupted by shouting from members of the public, who used the gathering at Stockport College to air their grievances about cuts in relation to the big society.
Inside the M60 –
Big Society, participation and engagement |
By Richard
Some thoughts on how issues of public participation relate to the Big Society agenda. –
Fibre to the home UK – Fibrevolution: Big society hits stormy waters
By Mark Holdstock
Could the big society suffer the same fate as past flagship initiatives such as `The Big conversation’? This blog post can be read at Main body of post here. Posted by Mark Holdstock at 00:26
Fibre to the home UK – Fibrevolution –

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