Shared news matters the most

According to a report by CNN that is shared on social media is the news that matters.

In their study about how we share and consume news they reckon that social media is the most frequent way that we share stories online. In their study of 2,300 people over two months they found that social media was used to share news in 43% of all instances. This is even higher than  email, which was the second most frequent method of sharing, with 30% of all instances. SMS was third (with 15% of instances) and instant messenger 4th (12%).

Also the 80/20 principle applies where 20% of people are responsible for spreading 80% of the news.

Amazingly through biometrics and eye-tracking techniques, POWNAR (who conducted the research for CNN) also aimed to measure emotional engagement associated with online news sharing. Their results showed a “halo effect” of substantially higher engagement with “recommended” news content and embedded advertising, as opposed to “randomly” consumed content and advertising.

So if you are looking to spread your news you need to get it “recommended”.  How?  You want people to like your stories, add them to social bookmarking  sites, tweet and retweet them and send them to their connections.  To do this you need engaging stories and you need to build a trust and report with your social community which makes them value your “news” and trust what you have to say.



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