Benefits of social media training – Using Social Media for Public Engagement and Consultation

One of our clients was kind enough to agree to let us share their views on what they learned from one of our social media coaching sessions.   And in the spirit of being social we want to share it with you.

Key learning points picked up:

  • Social media is happening whether we like it or not
  • Listen first to what it going on, then enter the social media world
  • Remember it’s ‘social’ media (it needs to be interesting)
  • Tell people something useful, rather than using it as a PR machine
  • Social media success requires effort, but there is plenty of help and applications to make it easier/more efficient
  • Social media doesn’t replace more formal (and rigorous) forms of consultation, but can point people to them
  • Use incentives e.g. free council tax draw
  • Remember it’s not the only way of engaging, but could reach the ‘digitally included’ who are difficult to reach through other means
  • Remember the holy grail of community engagement – it needs to be two way, i.e. we need to be prepared to engage, not just tell the audience
  • And last but not least, in terms of standards, never post anything that you wouldn’t say in person or in writing.

We think these are very insightful! Do you agree? Let us know if you think your organisation would benefit from one of our social medial workshops @participateuk (that’s our twitter in case you don’t know).




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