Social media’s response to budget consultations/cuts

Recently we’ve noticed more and more imaginative blogs popping up in response to planned cuts to public services.

It’s quite a natural and tactical response for concerned citizens/campaigners to reach to the blogosphere and social networks to get their views’ across and to create a more dynamic response to official public consultations.

Here is the latest one we’ve seen, about planned cuts to library services, which demonstrates the point well.  The map is particularly engaging and provocative.

The ability of concerned citizens to respond to public consultations in this way raises many practical issues for public sector organisations and people managing public engagement and consultation.

  • Are they even aware that these conversations are taking place?
  • Are staff equipped with the skills and resources to “joust” on social networks and engage in the dialogue?
  • Is it  a good tactic to ignore social media? (NO WAY)
  • Do staff managing these consultations have access to social media tools? And do they know how to use them well?
  • Is the organisation aware of the legal issues and is it protecting staff ?

Social media and public engagement is a fascinating place at the moment.  On a macro level we have major uprisings in the Middle East being coordinated by social media.  But it is also happening at a local level where concerned citizens are using these tools to make a noise and harness the power and influence of crowds.

Let us know if you spot any more.  We will be looking.






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