‎82% of councillors believe that planning consultations only capture the opinions of the ‘most vocal people’

So this is the “news” that many people who are into community engagement and consultation picked up on this week.   Surely there is no surprise here?  And unless developers and planners get better at their approach to consultation then the provisions in the Localism Bill will only make matters worse and we will continue […]

Where America leads often we follow. 82% of those 55-64 use social media.

A new report shows that 98% of 18-24 year old Americans are active on social media (monthly); 129 million Americans are checking in with Facebook, Twitter or other social networks each month.  Interestingly the report confirms what many already thought, fastest adoption rates are among older Americans, likely because so many younger people are already active […]

Who’s who?

Do you know who’s who in your social media world? Yes social media is democratising public services and making decisions more transparent but not everyone is equal. People who care about brands have known for a long time that the views of some matter more than others. That’s why they care about influencers. People whose […]