Who’s who?

Do you know who’s who in your social media world? Yes social media is democratising public services and making decisions more transparent but not everyone is equal.

People who care about brands have known for a long time that the views of some matter more than others. That’s why they care about influencers. People whose comments carry a lot weight and have a lot of reach across social media.

Social media for public engagement is no different. You need to know who out there in your community of place or interest has influence.

Its time to ask yourself which bloggers carry the most weight in your city? Or about your planning application?

And who amongst your local tweeters has the most followers or the most influential followers. The most Klout even!

What’s the most popular Facebook page about your town? Or how many people like the page against the incinerator you are proposing to build?

If you don’t believe this then ask yourself what would happen if Lady Gaga tweeted that Stoke was the coolest city in Europe and everyone should go there for a weekend break this Xmas. Something would!

You need to find, understand and tap into your social media influencers. There are tools available to help you do this. So get started now.

If you need help then inbox us @particiateuk


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