Where America leads often we follow. 82% of those 55-64 use social media.

A new report shows that 98% of 18-24 year old Americans are active on social media (monthly); 129 million Americans are checking in with Facebook, Twitter or other social networks each month.  Interestingly the report confirms what many already thought, fastest adoption rates are among older Americans, likely because so many younger people are already active within social networks. Other interesting findings include:

• 3 of 4 Seniors and 82% of those 55-64 use social media
• 46% use social media to connect with friends
• 18% of parents say they use socnets to connect with their children
• 27% of siblings are using social media to stay connected
• Residents in ‘college towns’ are more likely to be ‘heavy’ Facebook users

And where America leads the UK often follows so expect similar adoption rates here over time if we are not there already (in some places).

Of course this revolution in how we communicate begs many questions for people who care about people and places.  For example, do you know what’s happening in your town right now?  What’s the sentiment in your city today? What do local people think of the services that you provide right now?  What’s the experience of the places you care about this week?  If you don’t know then you need to start listening.  To find out more contact jonathanbradley@participate.uk.com or @participateuk


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