Worried About Your Consultation? You may benefit from the Certificate of Best Practice.

Following up on our previous post about the new Guidance on consultation here’s some more useful info from The Consultation Institute

Over the coming weeks, the Institute will prepare a detailed set of Guidance on how to interpret and apply the new Principles so that public bodies can minimise the risk of challenge, legal or otherwise. We will also seek to incorporate its thinking into the already-relevant ‘Compliance Assessment’ services we offer – whereby consultations that meet our standards can be awarded our Certificate of Best Practice.

In the meantime, let’s remember that we [The Institute] have yet to meet anyone who deliberately sets out to run a rubbish consultation. Mistakes are often those of omission rather than commission – or just sheer inexperience at some complex processes. The Government is also clearly keen to avoid charges of poor practice. It goes to the top, for at PMQ some days ago, David Cameron was unequivocal, and said “We will ensure that all consultations are properly carried out…”

Let’s see if the new Principles (with some help from the Institute!) can make this commitment a reality.

(Taken from The Consultation Insitute’s Tuesday Topic series).

Get in touch if you would like to know more about “safety checking” your consultation or applying for a Certificate of Best Practice.


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