Are you tweeting from NHS events? Then here are some tips…

Here are some tips to help you make your live tweeting have more of an impact.

1. Plan ahead.  Tell people what you will be up to and let them know what the hashtag will be and the Twitter handle you will be using.  Oh and research the hashtag (you could use something like

2. Don’t just broadcast Q&A sessions.  Think about how you can help people who are not there to get involved.

3. Prepare some content you can share during the conference and encourage your presenters to help.  Here’s some ideas…

  • Broadcast a digital poster of the agenda (or just take a pic with your phone and turn it into a poster)
  • Share links to an event website or microsite (and put content on here that people can share)
  • Put presentations on Slideshare and tweet the link to them during the event
  • Prepare an event video(s) for Youtube, to support speaker presentations (e.g. brief bio or key messages from their presentations)
  • Consider live streaming your event
  • Prepare Audioboosof key speaker presentations so that people can listen to these during or after the event

4.  Answer questions and respond to debates by sharing links to supporting information

5.  Do an event summary or call to action and broadcast this after the event (again this could be a Slideshare, Audioboo, Youtube video etc.)

6. Consider your role.  Are you just there to report?  Or do you want to share insider information and stimulate debate?  Are you even going to answer questions?

7.  Display your content by publicly displaying your Twitter feed 

8. Prepare some tweets in advance for the start of the day when you are likely to be distracted

9. Ask presenters to provide their Twitter handles in advance

10.  Tweet photos during the event to capture key moments

There are probably more ideas we could include but ten is always a good place to stop…happy to hear yours!


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