Are your staff ready to be given the keys to your social media assets? Try our social media readiness test


More and more organisations in the health and social care are expecting their staff to use social media as part of their role.  And at the same time many staff want to.  But social media has blurred the distinction between the professional and the personal self and this presents many challenges, especially protecting the organisation and its staff from social media gaffs, or something more serious (there are many examples).

To help with this Participate now offers a social media readiness test.  This covers  over 220 questions covering 10 topic areas.

The “Social media readiness assessment” will take your staff through an array of scenarios, questions and tasks to challenge and test their understanding in the following areas:

•  Facebook•  Twitter •  Youtube •  Google+ •  Pinterest •  LinkedIn •  Blogging •

Best practice •  Risk & security •  Crisis management •  Content for social media•

In addition to a standard set of questions we can also work with you and your organisation to create sector specific questions.

Contact to find our more.


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