What if the NHS went on a social media bonanza?

Here’s a thought…

There are 1,358,000 people employed by the NHS (according to the NHS Confederation, I hope this is right).

Something like 50% of the UK adult population uses Facebook and on average has 130 ‘friends.’

Something like a fifth of the UK adult population (maybe more) uses Twitter and has 230 followers, on average.

Now, make some fuzzy assumptions and then do the maths…

This means that together NHS employees have a potential reach of…

  • 88.27 MILLION on Facebook
  • 62.47 MILLION through Twitter 

(Never mind shares and retweets)

Now the assumptions here are full of flaws, but the concept isn’t. Just by encouraging staff to talk about the NHS on social media would give it an amazingly efficient way to engage, inform and influence. Of course nothing is ever this simple, but it does make you think.


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