Technique of the Week No. 5 – Animation. How does it help?

So what are the benefits of using animations for engagement and consultation?

Well first of all people generally like watching cartoons.  Don’t they? So animation helps to present information (that is often complex when it comes to public engagement) to your audience in the form of something enjoyable and memorable. It helps you to leave a lasting impression and form a stronger relationship, making them more likely to engage.

But surely there is more to it than that?

Retention matters

First of all there is science behind the benefits. The argument goes that people retain information loads better if it is in words and images.  So if we want people to remember things and engage then animation is the way to go;  especially if our issues are complex.

“Is a picture really worth a thousand words? In this age of
multimedia and mass communication, it often seems so. Recent
research supports the idea that visual communication can be
more powerful than verbal communication, suggesting in many
instances that people learn and retain information that is
presented to them visually much better than that which is only
provided verbally.” Hewlett Packard  – The Power of Visual Communication

Attention spans are falling

Animation can also get a lot of information (that is more likely to be retained) across to people in a short period of time.  People will be more likely to watch an animated video than read a long document or trawl through a website.

Share, share and share alike

People can share animations across their social networks.  They can embed them in their own website or blog.  Putting your information in an animation will help your message to spread from one person to another – at the click of a button.

You can take them with you

Rather than putting people through the agony of  ‘death by PowerPoint’ you can play your animation at events, conferences, meetings and so on.  People will thank you for it.


While they can’t be made suitable to every audience, a good animation can help to get your message across to different people in an accessible way.

It’s how people kill time these days.

Online video is hugely popular.  People are spending more and more time watching online video on their phones, tablets, computer and TV.  Indeed people make spare time for their YouTube fix.  If you need to engage people then you need to be in front of their eye-balls and animations are ideal for online video.

And finally here’s one for you…

Here is an animated video, produced by Caring Together, which explains their vision for the integrated care programme across Eastern Cheshire.

Remember if you need any support with your specialist engagement an communications then please get in touch.


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