It seems that people are increasingly living in information bubbles. What are you doing about it?

There have been plenty of articles, recently, expressing concern that because of social media and smart phones people are, nowadays, less likely to see a balanced view of the world. Here’s a global example, but the premise appears the same for many public debates.

It seems that people are now more likely to be getting their news from like minded sources.  This means more of us are living in information bubbles.  When we become passionate about something these can become propaganda bubbles. When we are more passive participants this could mean we are being manipulated.

Words make worlds (2)

You can’t afford to ignore this if your job is trying to convince people to change; to get them to digest your proposals during a consultation; or to win hearts and minds and get people to take action.

You need to be thinking about having plenty of digital content at your fingertips and it needs to be ready for mobile.  Some of this you will have to pay for and some you will be able to curate for free.  Luckily there are many free or nearly free applications out there that will help you to do it yourself, because you will also need to be agile.

You also need to have a strategy for Facebook marketing as this can help you to side step its filtering mechanisms and get your information under people’s noses and in front of their eyeballs.

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