Why am I a consultation manager? All hail the consultation manager!

From my experience, people who work in the field of public consultation and stakeholder engagement can struggle to stick up for themselves, to talk about their value. I think the job of a consultation manager is very important.  I tell people that they need to talk about the Three Rs of Consultation: RISK, REPUTATION AND REWARD. RISK Consultation managers handle a […]

It seems that people are increasingly living in information bubbles. What are you doing about it?

There have been plenty of articles, recently, expressing concern that because of social media and smart phones people are, nowadays, less likely to see a balanced view of the world. Here’s a global example, but the premise appears the same for many public debates. It seems that people are now more likely to be getting their news from like […]

How do you measure the impact of your social media engagement?

How do you work out the impact of your social media activity? This  useful piece from Social Media Examiner has some top suggestions for 2015.  I think from the perspective of public engagement and consultation a top metric we could be focusing on more is the absolute count of interactions.  Yes reach is important but more and more […]

Technique of the week #3 – Citizens Jury

This week’s technique is the a Citizens Jury. What’s it all about?  A Citizens Jury is a deliberative technique that encourages people to come together to discuss  (often complicated) policy decisions.  ‘The great advantage of the Citizens Jury process is that it yields citizen input from a group that is both informed about an issue […]

Technique of the Week #001

This week’s technique is the Samoan Circle.  What is a Samoan Circle? Essentially it is a leaderless meeting that allows all participants to take part or at least witness the discussion that takes place.  It needs a good facilitator to make it work well. What happens during a Samoan Circle?  During a Samoan Circle there […]

High Court Sets Out Key Principles for A Fair Consultation

Wow! The fact that the High Court has outlined some key principles of a fair consultation could be an important development in public affairs and stakeholder engagement in the UK. Public bodies and in some circumstances commercial companies delivering public services on their behalf must now , more than ever, be very mindful of  what […]

How do you know your consultation is any good?

More and more decisions are being challenged because the consultation is accused of being flawed. The NHS, local authorities and others are living in fear, or they are resigned to the possibility, that their decision to change services will be challenged by judicial review, on the grounds that the consultation process was unfair. So how […]