How do you measure the impact of your social media engagement?

How do you work out the impact of your social media activity? This  useful piece from Social Media Examiner has some top suggestions for 2015.  I think from the perspective of public engagement and consultation a top metric we could be focusing on more is the absolute count of interactions.  Yes reach is important but more and more […]

Who’s who?

Do you know who’s who in your social media world? Yes social media is democratising public services and making decisions more transparent but not everyone is equal. People who care about brands have known for a long time that the views of some matter more than others. That’s why they care about influencers. People whose […]

Social Media Costing UK Economy up to £14billion in Lost Work Time

Survey reveals nearly 2million workers spend over an hour per day ‘Facebooking’ at work Research released today revealed the true cost to the UK’s economy of the rise of social media as over half of British workers confessed to accessing social media profiles at work, with many spending so much time friending, Tweeting, adding photos […]