4 thoughts on “Top tips for how to consult the public on spending cuts

  1. Good comments except re PR. PR is all about creating the dialogue and influencing a change as a result. It’s not simply media management or stunts but credible conversation and acceptability of decision making.

    • Thanks Helena. Take your point. And a well made one it is. I guess there is good PR and bad PR just like anything else. And good PR can create a dialogue and influence change in a positive way and is not just media management and manipulation. Thanks again.

  2. Anyone following this thread may also be interested in the following from The Consultation Institute…

    Institute urges caution in Spending Review consultation

    The Government has today been urged to take considerable care in its forthcoming consultation on the Spending Review. In a thorough analysis of last week’s announcement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Consultation Institute has highlighted a number of potential problems that could embarrass the new administration’s attempt at public engagement on reducing the deficit.
    Most of these problems can be addressed says Rhion Jones, Programme Director of the Institute, but this means Ministers being far more specific about the questions upon which the public’s views are to be sought. The cardinal rule with consultation is not to waste people’s time asking for their views if you’ve already made up your mind. The Coalition Government has signalled its intentions in a number of areas but seems open to persuasion on a host of other issues. It is these that need to become the focus of the forthcoming consultation.
    The Report reviews the negative media reaction to the consultation announcement and raises questions about over–reliance on so-called “experts”. It recommends a longer consultation period, avoiding too much activity during the holiday month of August. It also wants to see a greater involvement for Parliament. The full Report has today been sent to Ministers and Civil Servants and can be downloaded here http://www.consultationinstitute.org/admin/includes/download.php?id=541

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