It seems that people are increasingly living in information bubbles. What are you doing about it?

There have been plenty of articles, recently, expressing concern that because of social media and smart phones people are, nowadays, less likely to see a balanced view of the world. Here’s a global example, but the premise appears the same for many public debates. It seems that people are now more likely to be getting their news from like […]

Technique of the week #3 – Citizens Jury

This week’s technique is the a Citizens Jury. What’s it all about?  A Citizens Jury is a deliberative technique that encourages people to come together to discuss  (often complicated) policy decisions.  ‘The great advantage of the Citizens Jury process is that it yields citizen input from a group that is both informed about an issue […]

Technique of the Week #002 Unconference

This week’s technique is the unconference. What’s it all about?  An unconference is a collaborative affair where people come together to discuss a common issue.  It stands out from traditional conferences because the participants set the agenda and lead the discussions.  It is similar to Open Space events. How does it work? A day or […]

Media training is necessary but facilitator training is essential. Are your clinicians and managers ready to meet the people?

For most episodes of engagement and consultation CCGs have prepared themselves by making sure key spokespeople undertake media training.  This is all good practice but when it comes down to the real hands on work of stakeholder workshops, focus groups and roundtable discussions NHS managers and clinicians are often just ‘volunteered’ to be facilitators. Sometimes […]

How Social Movements Die – the Blog Entry (Book on the way)

Originally posted on Mobilizing Ideas:
By Christian Davenport Many researchers, activists and ordinary citizens are trying to figure out what is meant by social movement “success” and in so doing social movement “failure.” We are somewhat confused about these concepts because most of our collective attention has been spent on trying to understand social movement…

Don’t forget world class commissioning and service transformation needs specialist insight and feedback techniques

One of the things that jumps out of Transforming Participation in Health and Care is that it has a whole section on insight and feedback.  There are also many good ideas around better involvement and patient participation but it is familiar territory for many people.  So this additional emphasis on insight and feedback really stands out, […]